Welcome to the Laboratory for Particle Mixing and Self-Organization (LPMSO). Please feel free to explore our website and learn more about what we do. This laboratory is in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Lehigh University and is directed by Professor James Gilchrist.

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Our group (from left to right):
Tharanga Perera, Erg Muangnapoh, Kedar Joshi, Jim Gilchrist, Alex Weldon, Midhun Joy, Yajun Ding, and Eric Daniels.
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External news:

April, 2012: Lessons from a bowl of Cheerios

August, 2011: Lehigh engineers studying potential uses for new solar cell technology - also here

April, 2010: Physical Review E selects work for Kaleidoscope'

March, 2010: Particulate systems - as much art as science, and fun to explore

March, 2010: These grains can be solid, liquid or dust

December, 2009: Controlled Deposition of Microparticle Arrays for LEDs

September, 2009: MICRO-OPTICS: Concave microlenses boost LED output

April, 2009: The minutest choreography

March, 2009: Student's bright, energy-efficient research recognized

Recent news: (Click here for past news.)

April, 2014: Alex Weldon successfully defended his thesis!

November, 2013: Alex Weldon, Tanyakorn (Erg) Muangnapoh, and Tharanga Perera present their work at the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics Meeting.

October, 2013: Tanyakorn Muagnapoh, Alex Weldon, and Prof. Gilchrist publish their work on vibration-assisted convective deposition in Applied Physics Letters.

October, 2013: Professor Gilchrist named the Class of 1961 Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering.

September, 2013: Kedar Joshi passes his qualifying exam.

August, 2013: Yajun Ding defends his proposal.

August, 2013: Tharanga Perera defends his proposal.

July, 2013: Prof. Gilchrist gives a keynote talk and Tharanga Perera talks about his research at the 50th Annual Technical Meeting of the Society of Engineering Science at Brown University.

June, 2013: Prof. Gilchrist gives invited talk at the International Polymer Colloids Group meeting in Shanghai, China

May, 2013: Prof. Gilchrist gives keynote talk at TechConnect in Washington, D.C.

April, 2013: Prof. Gilchrist gives keynote talk at the AERC in Leuven, Belgium

March, 2013: Tharanga Perera is named a P.C. Rossin Doctoral Fellow

March, 2013: Alex Weldon and Tharanga Perera earn poster awards at the SPE Nanocomposites conference

February, 2013: Tharanga Perera presents his work at the Society of Rheology.

January, 2013: Tanyakorn Muangnapoh successfully defends his proposal!

December, 2012: Kedar Joshi joins the lab!

November, 2012: Alex Weldon is invited to talk to Lehigh's Legacy of Leadership Alumni

September, 2012: Our paper on polymer membranes in collaboration with the Cheng group is accepted.

August, 2012: Prof. Gilchrist gives a keynote talk at the International Congress of Rheology in Lisbon, Portugal

July, 2012: Prof. Gilchrist presents at the Gordon Conference on Granular and Granular-Fluid Flow

May, 2012: Alex Weldon earns the Kenneth A. Earhart award in recognition of is excellence in colloid research from the Emulsion Polymer Institute. Alex also presented his work at the EPI annual review meeting.

April, 2012: Alex Weldon receives commendation for service to the Graduate Student Senate.

April, 2012: Alex Weldon named a P.C. Rossin Doctoral fellow.

January, 2012: Bu (Roy) Xu successfully defended his thesis!

December, 2011: Midhun Joy joins the lab!

November, 2011: Tanyakorn (Erg) Muangnapoh, Alex Weldon, and Bu (Roy) Xu present their work at APS DFD.

October, 2011: Alex Weldon presents his work at Society of Rheology.

September, 2011: Tharanga Perera and Yajun Ding pass their qualifier!

August, 2011: Gilchrist, Cheng, Mittal, Snyder, and Tansu awarded $1,100,000 by NSF for scalable nanomanufacturing.

July, 2011: Alex Weldon successfully defends his proposal!

July, 2011: Langmuir paper on cell capture with the Cheng Lab accepted.

May, 2011: Pisist Kumnorkaew awarded 1st prize for his poster at the PA Nanotechnology Conference "Nanotechnology for Industry" hosted by Drexel University

April, 2011: Bu Xu takes 1st prize for his poster at the EPI annual review meeting. (Well done!)

March, 2011: Professors Snyder and Gilchrist receive a precommercialization grant from the PA NanoMaterials Commercialization Center.

December, 2010: Tharanga Perera and Yajun Ding join the lab!

October, 2010: Bu (Roy) Xu and Prof. Gilchrist presented two talks and a poster on Roy's work on measuring suspension structure factors and modeling shear migration in chaotic flows at the Society of Rheology.

October, 2010: Bu Wang presents our work in collaboration with the Cheng Laboratory on cell capture on rough surfaces at the Biomedical Engineering Society (BMES) 2010 Annual meeting.

September, 2010: Tanyakorn Muangnapoh successfully defends his qualifying exam!

August, 2010: Prof. Gilchrist receives a $290k grant from NSF to study suspensions in microchannel flows.

May, 2010: Pisist Kumnorkaew is the 2010 Kenneth A. Earhart Award given by the EPI for research excellence! Pisist also presented his work at the EPI annual review meeting.

March, 2010: Pisist Kumnorkaew successfully defended his thesis!

March, 2010: Physical Review E accepts Changbao Gao's article in collaboration with Sandeep Kulkarni and Prof. Jeffrey Morris (CCNY) on suspension structure in pressure driven flow.

March 2010: Bu Xu's article on mixing of suspensions is accepted to Physics of Fluids.

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