James Gilchrist, cv (as of 01/2016)
Class of 1961 Associate Professor
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Ph.D. Northwestern University, 2003
B.S. Washington University, 1997

Also Affiliated With:
Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology
Center for Photonics and Nanoelectronics
Center for Polymer Science and Engineering
Emulsion Polymers Institute

Graduate Students
Midhun Joy
Co-advised with Prof. Mark Snyder
Kedar Joshi
Karl Seven
Naval Singh
Thitiporn (Orm) Kaewpetch
Zhiqiao Zeng
PictureCurrently recruiting graduate students

Caitlyn Tzou

Kyle Smyth

Jane Boettcher
PictureCurrently recruiting students

Past Members(Degree, Year) - Location
Dr. Tanyakorn Muangnapoh (Ph.D. 2015) - Nanotech - National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand
Dr. Alexander Weldon (Ph.D. 2014) - Firefly Space Systems
Dr. M. Tharanga Perera (Ph.D. 2014) - Anton Paar
Dr. Pisist Kumnorkaew (Ph.D. 2010) - Nanotech - National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand
Dr. Bu Xu (Ph.D. 2012) Shandong University of Science & Technology
Dr. Ryan Slopek Hydrotex, Dallas, TX
Dr. Changbao Gao (Ph.D. 2010) - Momentive, Shanghai, China
Dr. Kenneth J. Ford (Ph.D. 2008) - Shire Pharmaceuticals
Qi Rao (M.S. 2008)
Mike Beaver (B.S. 2005)
Jeff Bretz (B.S. 2005) - Rohm and Haas
Eric James (B.S. 2005) - Axent
Tim Matthews (B.S. 2007)
Troy Spengler (B.S. 2007)
Mike Stern (B.S. 2008) - MIT Chemical Engineering
Berc Kalanyan (B.S. 2008)
Scott Blumhof (B.S. 2006)
Daniel Buschman (B.S. 2006)
Wahida Hazmin (B.S. 2006)
Jennifer Purcell (B.S. 2007) - Rohm and Haas
Diana Joyce (B.S. 2007)
Daniel Altman (B.S. 2009)
Andrew Tadros (B.S. 2010)
Colin Armstrong (B.S. 2009)
Rich Evans (B.S. 2010)
Corey Luthringer (B.S. 2009)
Colleen Curley (BDSI)
Abigail Lefkowitz (BDSI)
Kristen Mason (BDSI)
D'Andre Watson (BDSI)
Meaghan Phipps (BDSI)
Greg Barnett (B.S. 2011)
Chris Brunn (B.S. 2011)
Deniz Pamukcu (B.S. 2011)
Jonathan Cursi
Scott McBeth (B.S. 2012)
Sherwood Benevides
Mike Stever(B.S. 2015)