Lehigh AIChE Outreach 2018:

Great job to Gray Schick, ExxonMobil, and everyone who made the outreach day great!

Lehigh University 2012 Holiday Card:

Look for Alex and Tharanga in labcoats at the end
- channel designed with Prof. Xuanhong Cheng's group and the video produced by Lehigh University Communications

Colloidal pictures/movies:

Suspension flow in a herringbone mixer

Tracked particles

Dense suspension flow

Lateral scan of deposited particles

Vertical scan of transition from monolayer to bilayer

3D scan of 8 colloids fabricated via seeded growth where dark spots are seeds
(by Zhipeng Song in the EPI using our CLSM)

Movie of deposition with eddy recirculation

Cell fixed to a substrate (images taken by Bu Wang and Alex Weldon)

More to come soon...

Granular pictures/movies:

From ENGR 005:'Demixing' in a drum

2D segregation in a circle

2D segregation in a 3/4 full square

Rocking/rotating sphere with axial segregation

Rocking/rotating sphere with spots

More simulations of rocking/rotating sphere

Segregation in biaxial rotations of a cube

Granular "lava lamp"